Nina skirt and culottes – pattern testing

I had the opportunity to pattern test for compagnie. This company makes patterns with a twist and all of it’s patterns are very unique.
The nina skirt and culottes for girls’ was not an exceptional to the moto of the company.


The pattern has a lots of options and varieties.

The Nina I made for the testing was an A line culottes, with a fly front zipper,diagonal pockets with piping and a small overlap.


The back has two darts on the either side which gives a lovely fit.


I added an elastic to the back of the waistband which helps to sit exactly on my daughter.


My daughter is in the age where she’d only where shorts and boy clothes just to be in par with her big brother (who is only 3years bigger than her). So these culottes are just perfect to match her taste. They are so comfortable and she just wouldn’t remove it off after she had her first fit on.

I just love the out come. It was not much of a hassle putting it all together as the instructions were so clear with lots of pictures.

Can’t wait to sew up some more  for her and her cousins.

Thanks for reading
Till next time


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