Pretty in Pink

This is a dress I made for a sweet, loving girl whose favorite color is pink!!!


Her first reaction when she saw this dress was, “oh! It’s all pink!!”


The dress was made out of lace and organza ad fully lined out of cotton.


The front of the Bodice is made out of layers of lace and organza to get the colors right. The scallops of the lace sitting on the gathered skirt.


Back of the bodice was only sewed out of organza and enclosed with a zipper.


The dress is fully lined for a nice finishing touch as well as to make it comfortable for my sweet little client. It’s a size 3 with slight adjustments to fit her perfectly.

The skirt of the dress was gathered to get a puffed up effect and it ran up to her ankle.

I’m linking this up to the project run and play season 10 for the signature look. It is my signature style because I just love playing with different kinds of fabric.

Thanks for reading,
Till next time,


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