KCW summer- what I made.

It was KCW last week. You could read all about it here. I made a t-shirt using the signature dress and a pair of shorts using the free pattern from oliver + s.


I never got to sit and sew for one whole hour this week. So I thought of not giving up and use the time I get to do the whole outfit. I know it took me a whole week to finish it up! But still I didn’t give up!!!

First and second day was all about cutting out the patterns.



Third and fourth day was sewing the shorts.


I used the same denim fabric I used here. But stitched it using hot pink thread for my baby girl.


Fifth and sixth day I used to sew up the T-shirt


Oh and today the last day I used it to snap it up and write up the post.

I know I didn’t abide by the rules. But I’m happy I participated in my first KCW. May be next time I’ll try my best to stick to the rules.

Till next time



2 thoughts on “KCW summer- what I made.

  1. I love the fresh yellow with the denim. I just made a Sunday Brunch skirt out of pindot denim for my daughter and loved the fabric. This was also my first time participating in KCW and before I signed up I had read that a lot of people cut out pattern pieces and fabric before the week, so they could just do the sewing during the KCW – I tried that approach and was able to get a lot of sewing finished. Great for you to get a complete outfit – my new rule is I can’t stop a project until I have a complete wearable garment – so my daughter doesn’t end up with a bunch of bottoms and no coordinating tops – Great job!

    1. Yeah I too have seen the preparations. I even sketch out a plan one month before. But never got to execute it! Anyways I’m happy at least I got one outfit done ☺. I love your new rule. Thanks.

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