Flip of the colourblock dress

This month’s flip pattern at Frances and Suzanne was the colourblock dress from heidi and finn. Well I’m so happy I got to participate in it this month too. Last month I did won the father’s choice award for my drop waist dress and was so happy as it was my very first win in any of the competitions I ever participated. Thank you guys.

This month’s flip I had it since the 1st but never had time to execute it. Then yesterday I saw frances and suzanne’s Facebook status warning about only 48 hours for submissions. So I  had to rush. Anyways I had it all done before the time lapsed. *sigh of relief*

OK that’s a lot of talking. Well now for the moment.

My flips

•  I kept the originality of the three colours. But used three totally different fabric. From quilted cotton to Seersucker and the last panel out of denim.

• I skipped the opening in the back.


• and added a bound slit on to the front.


• Shift dress flipped it to a dress with a gathered skit.

I will be adding this on to the project run and play for the signature week as I always love sewing with cotton fabrics and also just love dresses with gathered skirts.

Loved how it came out specially with in such a limited time frame. And happy I did not give up.

Thanks for reading.

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