Drop waist dress

It’s been awhile since I last posted something on the blog or for that matter since I really sewed something.

So again I thought of sewing for the flip the pattern series. For the month of March the pattern was beachy boatneck From blank slate patterns.


I used a stripe knit fabric and cut it at the bias to make the bodice. this tutorial came in handy and was very useful.


The flips include;

• A slightly A -line
• Flutter sleeves for a feminine look
• Peter pan collar
• A short gather skirt attached at the bellow

I took grate care in matching up the stripes in the front, back as well as at the side seams.






Even though I kind of got a migraine after cutting out the pattern when matching up all the lines, the end result was worth it I guess.

Oh and thanks a lot Melissa for the facing on the neckline. I loved it.

Thanks for reading.


p.s I added this as my entry for project run and play season 9. The first week Theme was put me in the zoo, where you design an outfit inspired by an animal. So here is my Zebra inspired dress…


27 thoughts on “Drop waist dress

  1. Beautiful!!! I have been working on a pattern that is designed to be cut and pieced with bias stripes and it is a PAIN! It’s taking forever! haha! I love the look of your dress – so precious!

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