Flipped to floral.

Living in a tropical country like Sri Lanka, I cannot expect much of a climate change. It’s either sunny or rainny. Also my dearest daughter, just love or should I say, would only wear clothes which are comfortable. So my pattern flip was from a long trouser to a 3/4. And I matched it up with a sleeveless, front buttoned,peter pan collared top.


What I did different from the number 9 trousers.
Well first the obvious, I shortened it up to her, just above the knee length.


I sewed up some pouch pockets with the floral bias tape, insted of the slant pockets to give it a feminine touch.


The inner waistbands were cut out also from the floral print.


I did add leg cuffs which had some rounded up edges,


and topped it with a cute bow.


Back of the trouser was beautified with a welt pocket also lined up with the floral print.



The top has a white pointed peter pan collar with buttons on front.



I’m participating in a contest called flip the pattern as a sew along contestant. So wish me luck.

Till next time.

Flip This Pattern


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